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The department of Excise and Prohibition is one of the oldest departments of the state and is one of the main sources of state revenue generation. The major function of this department include monitoring and regulation of spirit, alcoholic beverage and molasses and to generate excise revenue through a variety of duties and fees. New excise policy, 2007 has been introduced from 1 st July, 2007 under this new policy settlement of all types of retail excise shops through lottery has been started for the first time in Bihar State.

Construction is going on in the campus of country liquor warehouse located at Kumhrar, Patna, to establish a modern Multipurpose Excise Complex with several Institutions and facilities.

As per the decision of State Govt., local offices of Excise & Prohibition have been established at 10 districts where the department had no presence before.

After amendment in section 42 and 68 of Bihar Excise Act, 1915, the amount of penalty enhanced for the violation in different provisions and conditions of the licenses. Statutory warning on each bottle of liquor is being ensured for prohibition purposes. To enhance the revenue collection, Excise and Prohibition department is committed to adopt new initiatives in coming years.


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